Galdabini is specialized in material testing instruments to analyze mechanical properties of various materials and components, and suitable to carry out tests of tension, flexure, compression and resilience.
Galdabini is an Italian family owned company founded in 1890 and has developed a

Well suited to manufacturing companies, research centers, schools
and Universities, the testing machines and their associated accessories are designed for quick and easy testing on metals, multi wire and strand, composites, alloys, plastics, elastomers, textiles and finished components which may be subject to tensile, compression, flexion, delamination, cyclic fatigue and constant loading.

The universal range consists of: single column table top machine of 2.5kN, two column, table top machines of 5,10,25,50 and 100kN, floor mounted machines from 200 to 2000kN, optical and contacting extensometry, Charpy impact pendulum test instruments, deadweight calibration machines up to 5MN, accessories for specimen preparation, vertical/horizontal test systems for special applications, presses for stamping and finishing test pieces.
Automated testing without an operator are carried out by automatic systems such as the COMPACT or MULTI lines which can be integrated with up to 8 other different work/measuring stations.

The Company is also able to provide an accredited calibration service (EA"European Co-operation for Accreditation"- SIT) for the calibration of load cells, material test machines, Charpy impact machines, extensometers, hardness instruments and torque wrenches.

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